Blue Valley Aquaculture
812 South Maltby Ave.
PO Box 220
Sutton, NE 68979

Phone: (402) 773-5617
Fax: (402) 773-5667

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About Us

Blue Valley Aquaculture (BVA) is a family owned business established in 1999. We are located Northwest of Sutton, Nebraska. This farmstead was purchased with the dream of raising fish.

At Blue Valley we have 16 production ponds encompassing approximately 10 acres. Indoors we have our hatchery facility, grow-out tanks and raceways exceeding 120,000 gallons of capacity.

We currently have a great crop of Donaldson Steelhead, a tasty and hardy variety of the Rainbow Trout. These beautiful fish have a delicious mild flavor and firm flesh resulting from a combination of the finest feeds and our pure coldwater flow through systems.

Some of the world’s cleanest water. Blue Valley sits atop the eastern portion of the Ogallala Aquifer. It provides some of the cleanest water available and is the source of the clear, cold water we use at Blue Valley. Even our drinking water comes from the same wells and it is second to none.

An eye on conservation. We make wise use of this valuable natural resource by raising three different crops with our water, not just one! The water first passes through a series of raceways at its natural 52 degrees, perfect for raising our Donaldson Steelhead variety. The water then flows outside where it is used in pond culture systems to raise Yellow Perch, Largemouth Bass and Hybrid Bluegill. Any excess water is also used to irrigate the cropland surrounding our farm. At Blue Valley, we believe in giving back to the land that supports us!

Raised the way nature intended. Here at Blue Valley, no antibiotics or hormones are used to speed the growth of our fish. We raise our fish the old fashioned way with the best water, the highest quality feeds available, and a lot of time and honest effort.

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