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Plank Grilling

Wood plank cooking over open flames is used to capture the essence of wood as a seasoning in fish and other meats. The incredible smoky flavors of wood such as Western Red Cedar, Hickory, or Mesquite and even Oak from old wine barrels are infused into your foods as you grill or bake.

Today this cooking technique has become one of the hottest methods of gourmet cooking.

Grilling Plank Instuctions

Grilling Planks are disposable planks that contribute incredible flavor when grilling. Planks are soaked in water, wine or a marinade for at least 60 minutes before using. Place your entree directly on the plank and then place the plank on a hot grill. As the plank smokes and chars it will infuse your meal with fantastic flavors! During grilling do not cover the food with foil or flip the food.

Cooking times vary with each grill and meal. We tend to use High heat and place the planks directly over the heat. This allows the plank to steam your marinade directly into your entree. To achieve maximum flavor allow the plank to go into full char with high heat.

Planks are great for either Gas, Charcoal and Pellet Grills. Gas grill owners really appreciate all the woodsmoke flavors that planks provide. Traditional Charcoal grillers like not having to wrap fish in foil which tends to steam fish and get mushy. Pellet grills are great for getting extra uses out of your plank as you can really control the heat.

Grilling planks will burn up as you use them. Some people are able to get several uses from each plank and others only get one. It really depends on how hot they get and how long they stay on the fire.

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